Drink More Tea!

Seven great reasons you should never stop drinking tea...

1. It's a NATURAL product

Tea has no additives, no artificial colourings and no preservatives, so ditch that soda and get a cuppa brewing!

2. Tea plays an important role in staying HYDRATED

Drinking four cups of tea every day is also re-hydrating. It is an urban myth that tea is dehydrating and a normal strength tea would not have a diuretic effect–unless you drink over 5 cups of tea in one sitting.

3. It can boost your ENERGY levels

Black Tea has half the caffeine as coffee and Green Tea has even lesser caffeine so it is a great source of energy if you are trying to reduce you caffeine intake and are worried about withdrawal headaches.

4. Tea leaves are rich in ANTIOXIDANTS

Tea is a natural source of antioxidants which help protect the body against naturally produced toxins. Some research has also shown that antioxidants can help protect against some cancers, heart disease and stroke!

5. Your daily brew can be NUTRITIOUS

Drink your tea without milk and it has no calories. Add semi - skimmed milk and it's just 13 calories per cup but this also has the added benefit of calcium. Just four cups of tea with milk provides one fifth of your daily calcium requirements

6.Teas can have a CALMING effect

Camomile Tea can help you fall asleep and research has shown that it can also help relieve anxiety. Many people even just find the act of brewing their tea calming and often resort to a nice hot cuppa at the end of a hard days work...

7. Lastly, it is delicious!

And a great way to catch up with a friend or take a well deserved tea break.