Ridgways of London

Teas of Character since 1836

From its very beginnings the Ridgways name has been synonymous with quality. Today, just as in 1836, our expert tea blenders ensure that Ridgways’ products are of the same high standard as our founder, Sir Thomas Ridgway, insisted upon over 150 years ago. It is because of this our products remain the first choice of the seasoned tea connoisseur. 

Discover for yourself the wide range of tea blends enjoyed by the world's most discerning tea drinkers.

The Ridgways Way

The experts at Ridgways of London believe that tea is much more than a humble drink, it is but an experience...

"The tea ceremony is more than an idealization of the form of drinking - it is a religion of the art of life."

This quote by Okakura Kakuzo beautifully encapsulates Thomas Ridgways' dedication to deliver the finest quality tea to England. Sir Ridgways first opened shop in 1836 on King William Street in London when he was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria. He had become well known for scouring the world for unique and exquisite teas from the finest tea gardens and then blending these to perfection. The company developed such a strong reputation that aspiring tea blenders would even pay for the privilege to work and be trained ­at Ridgways.

Ridgways Her Majesty’s Blend was created for Queen Victoria in 1886 and a variant of it is still sold today... Sir Thomas was also later appointed as tea merchant to King George VI proving his worth amongst royalty and tea connoisseurs alike.

The company expanded rapidly and soon had a small nationwide chain of tea shops in major cities across England. Currently, the brand Ridgways of London trades in over 50 countries covering Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. 

At Ridgways of London we are committed to delivering high quality tea that is sourced ethically. Our tea buyers and blenders have been working closely with Fairtrade tea producers and they regularly monitor suppliers for quality and working conditions of employees. A feat that we are sure Sir Thomas Ridgways would be proud of!