Customer Account Information

Can't Login to our new shop?

If you have not logged in since we re-launched the Typhoo Tea Shop on Shopify, please use the "Forgot your password?" link to request a password reset by email. See below for the reasons why we migrated the accounts this way

Account Information

We used export tools on the old shop system to export customer account details and then an import function on the Shopify system to bring over the majority of valid customer accounts. In some cases this was not possible, so if you cannot login, please register on our new site and your account will be setup for you.

Check your details

Certain "non-ascii" characters didn't import correctly, and have been replaced with ? or symbols. Please correct any mistakes in your billing / shipping addresses and name, and double-check your phone number is valid on the new system before placing your next order.

Why doesn't my old password work on the new site?

The majority of websites store passwords using a technique known as one-way hashing. There are a number of algorithms to achieve this including MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2. Ostensibly, the password you type in at login is run through a mathematical function (the hash) and the output compared to the hash value stored when you first set your password. If these two outputs match, then the password typed must be the same, so authorisation is approved.

Unfortunately, the old system we were using isn't compatible with the new Shopify system, so we were not able to bring across the encrypted password details. By design, these one-way hash algorithms are not meant to be reversible, so your plain-text password cannot be recovered by anyone.